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My experience with the Ring Creator was a pleasant and professional one. Quality work from quality people. Please support and order your ring now!

Seymour Chambers


I was on a zoom call with some of my old  Morgan State Bear teammates and I saw the Morgan Ring and said "I need that." I put my order in and had my ring delivered to my door in about 2 and a half weeks. Thank you for providing me with this one of kind artifact in history that I will be able to past down to my children.

Jason Moore


This ring means more to me then one could imagine. Before my mom passed, we went shopping to get school rings for the both of us. She was graduating and I had already graduated from Morgan State University. Well we never found any  rings. Recently my colleague came to me with the idea to build a custom ring and now I have my very own Morgan Football, All-American and high school ring just like mom wanted me to have. I can't wait to build a ring in her honor.

TJ Stallings

Finally was delivered my Custom 2003 POLY ring... This thing more fire in person 🥶🥶🥶🥶 great qual

Finally was delivered my Custom 2003 POLY ring... This thing more fire in person great quality and worth the little I paid for it... Looks like I have to order a UMBC ring next.

Harvey Scott


Big Shouts to the Ring Creator,

I appreciate the lookout and professionalism! Love this ring bro!


HP Payton
(IG: therighteousteacher)

EugeneBarber RING

Big shout out to the good folks over at The Ring Creator for putting my high school ring together for me! Thanks for the fast turnaround and attention to detail on my order family. Tap in ASAP

Eugene Barber


When you looking for quality and value, the Ring Creator definitely fits that mold. The turn around on my specialized ring was quick and whrn I had it in my had I was definitely impressed. The professionalism and service was awesome. So if you're looking for a dope ring, something of your own, something you can pass down look no further.

Mike Smith


Awesome company! Ordered my ring and someone always kept me in the loop about my ring's ETA. Ring is now in the creation phase and I couldn't be happier.

Lennell Key


If you have purchased a ring from the Ring Creator we encourage you to add a testimonial about your experience working with us.

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