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***No original custom ring designs will be accepted for production until further notice.*** 

 We are working diligently to execute every order in the most timely fashion. We have some rings from the website in stock and ready to go. So you could order and receive your ring within a few days. If its not in stock it will take 1 - 3 months to produce. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your continued support.

The Ring Creator was established in 2020. Bringing the championship style ring to any individual or organization. We understand that being a great jewelry maker requires time, patience, attention to detail, and quality materials. These ingredients go into every piece we craft, so everything is original and built to last the test of time. Click Shop Now to see all rings available or scroll down and select a collection you would like to see. 

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Information about custom rings

Single Fully New Custom ring orders are no longer available. At this time we are only accepting fully new custom ring orders if and only if there are 10 or more rings being ordered.

Creating a Fully New Custom Ring can take a few months and our new company has taken on too many custom rings in our 1st & 2nd year of business wanting to offer this ability to have your very own custom ring at your will. However, it became overwhelming, The time frame to create these single fully new custom rings along with the AS IS rings was challenging and production took a hit. We have now scaled back to only creating the AS IS rings from this website.  


Design / Build / Enjoy


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The first step is to envision your championship style ring. Complete our, "Create a ring" form to include all pictures and ring details. 1 free draft mock up of you idea will be developed. Any changes that need to be made will require a deposit.



MSU football ring

Digital Prototype

A digital copy of your ring will be constructed. The 1st copy is a draft of your thoughts and ideas. We will work closely with you to get your idea and present you with a draft picture. Changes can only be made at this stage After your approval. The ring is created in 3D software for an official rendering. Turn around time for 1st mock up can range from 1-5 business days. Official Rendering after mock up can take 4-8 weeks .Please note that changes will prolong your ring's production.


Handcrafted Pieces

The last step is when your vision comes to life. One of our skilled craftsman will take the digital prototype and hand craft your ring using stainless steel and celestite crystals. Our craftsman pays close attention to the details of your design. Each stone is carefully cut and strategically placed. Your ring is polished and then shipped to your front door. Total turnaround time is 8 to 10 weeks.


Return Policy

 All sales are final. We accept exchanges for items damaged in transit only. 


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